Grad School Femtoring (GSF) Podcast

The GSF Podcast is part of a larger project I’ve been working on to provide first-generation students of color with knowledge about academia to help them prepare for and thrive in graduate school.

For over ten years, I have had the privilege to femtor a wide range of undergraduates from competitive programs like the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship and the McNair Scholars Program. This has motivated me to share the knowledge I’ve gained from this experience to a wider audience. Please listen to my podcast if you’re interested in learning more about preparing for and getting admitted into graduate school.

If you have topic suggestions or questions for me to answer on the podcast, please email me at gradschoolfemtoring@gmail.com. I’d be happy to record on the topic or have a session where I answer your questions.  You can also leave me a voice message with your questions here: https://anchor.fm/yvette14/message.

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